Creating the right space for your business

With a wealth of experience working with many different brands, we understand the importance of getting everything just right.

The modern workplace is changing, as is the way in which people work and we recognise the importance of creating a domesticated, comfortable space for both hybrid and office-based workers. From hot-desking to permanent workstations, creating a collaborative and flexible working environment is becoming ever more important.

Home from home

Working with you

After understanding your requirements, we’ll give you a variety of practical ideas to make the most of your space. Together, we will create a modern and attractive environment that employees and visitors can enjoy

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A warm reception

We understand the importance of making the right first impression on your visitors. That’s why many of our customers want to create a beautiful reception space.

Whether it’s filled with off-the-shelf items or a specially-made bespoke desk, our range of practical yet beautiful pieces will help you achieve your vision.

Whatever it is you strive for with your reception space, be it the feeling of a warm welcome or a cutting-edge space that reflects your brand’s core values, we will be there every step of the way to advise you.

Sound solutions

We will advise you on the best way to minimise the noise in your workplace. For example, our soft furnishing solutions are made from materials with acoustic properties, they come in a range of shapes and are ideal for creating a quiet space in busy open plan offices and places that require soundproofing. They can also complement your brand colours and identity, as the vast array of sizes, shapes and colours on offer means there are no limitations to the look you can achieve.

Bring the outside in

Biophilia (meaning love of nature) is becoming more popular in office design, inside and out.

When you choose to incorporate a touch of greenery in your workplace not only do you create a more relaxing environment, you also reap the benefits that plants bring – such as improved air quality. Biophilic design is incorporating nature in to our built environment. Whether you want to feature a few small pots or a living wall, you’ll be in good company with this latest business trend.