We supply our clients with beautiful and comfortable furniture which help residents and patients feel at ease and safe within their environment.

We understand that your priority is your patients, that’s why our Interior Specialists will work with you to ensure that installation of your goods is carried out with minimum fuss and cause as little disruption as possible.

Ergonomically tested

The number one thing you want from a chair that visitors or patients sit on is comfort – that’s why all our seating is ergonomically tested. Our range features many designs that come in a multitude of colours and hard-wearing fabrics – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Clean space

Wipeable finishes

With Health and Safety at the forefront of your business, we understand the importance of keeping a clean and hygienic workplace. That’s why we have anti-bacterial options that are specifically designed for healthcare.

Waiting room staples

Easy to maintain and clean, our range of waiting room seating offers welcoming and safe solutions for visitors or patients.