Ecology Building Society based in Silsden, West Yorkshire, are a company dedicated to building a greener society. They wanted to portray their eco credentials within their office environment and therefore approached ACS Interiors to assist with a full office refurbishment. Areas that they needed revamping were the ground floor offices, mezzanine, boardroom, well-being / faith room and reception seating. They also needed us to look at solutions to reflect their way of working, so innovative collaboration spaces and hot-desking options needed to be considered too.

Ecology’s environmental values are at the heart of everything they do. It was therefore essential that we provided a highly eco-friendly and sustainable workspace, to put their ethical principles into practice. We ensured that we achieved the lowest carbon footprint possible whilst still meeting the brief.


Our Sustainability Manager, Tom Taylor, came along to one of the initial meetings. His knowledge and expertise in this area helped Ecology understand ACS’ sustainability initiatives, such as the implementation of solar panels on the roof of our own offices and the company car fleet now being 54% electric. This provided the confidence that our sustainability goals were very much aligned with Ecology’s and ensured that the design team would positively influence eco-friendly choices throughout the refurb.

From the initial 3D designs to the fabrics and finishes, we ensured that each step in the completion of the project met the sustainable requirements we were initially provided with. Each aspect of the project was thoroughly considered, with eco-friendly alternatives at the forefront of our plan. We ensured that the products we used were ethically sourced and wherever possible, made from material that could be broken down into components that could be recycled.

The furniture was of course an important aspect of the refurbishment. From the choice of our installation team to partnering with a UK manufacturer, we ensured that both were committed to protecting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint- so much so, that our chosen manufacturer use their wood offcuts to fire the furnace that heats their factory.

We presented fabrics, finishes and colour palettes to Ecology, and suggested forward-thinking collaboration spaces such as soundproof pods and a multipurpose / hot desk space. To bring our suggestions to life, we partnered with reputable fabric manufacturers who are part of the Seaqual Initiative, which take waste out of our oceans and manufacture fabric from sea waste - giving it a new lease of life. The fabrics chosen, including ‘Oceanic’ and ‘Quest’ by Camira added a unique touch to the space.

We also discussed the future carbon reduction initiative and gathered feedback from Ecology’s employees, to produce a brief that demonstrated how we can achieve the most sustainable solutions in all areas of the office’s refurbishment.

Ecology were happy with the proposal we presented and once all the designs were approved, we commenced scheduling and managing the installation until the full office refurb was complete.

The outcome

With new and improved collaboration spaces to help create a more flexible working environment, and the dedication to creating a sustainable modern workplace, the contemporary workspace now reflects Ecology’s sustainable values & admirable ethics.

The client

The feedback we received was immensely positive, with the management and general staff all pleased with the sustainability focus provided, as well as loving their new-look workspace.

Customer comment...
“Ecology has recently undertaken a significant refurbishment of our premises in Silsden and part of the process was making sure we had suppliers who shared our values and visions, who could ensure that at every step of the way we would be listened to and be offered the appropriate advice and guidance without pressure.

Gill and Vicky worked with us from the outset, their dedication and professionalism in ensuring we were communicated with at every stage made our furniture and flooring choices so easy to make.

The products offered, layout designs produced and liaison to the final installation phase was first class.

The outcome is a new fresh and well laid out workspace that our colleagues really enjoy”.

Trevor Raddings,
Facilities and Health & Safety Manager
Ecology Building Society