At ACS Interiors, we are committed to designing beautiful and functional spaces that not only meet our clients’ needs but minimise their impact on the environment. Our team of experts are dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices and materials into every aspect of our work.


From concept to completion, we prioritise offering the highest quality environmentally-friendly products. Our close collaboration with suppliers ensures they meet our high standards for quality, durability, and eco-friendliness. Through annual assessments on environmental, ethical, and social measures, we ensure that their policies align with our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Our dedication to sustainability can be seen through our extensive product selection. We offer flooring that’s manufactured from 94-98% natural raw materials to carpet tiles containing 75% recycled content. We also offer fabric collections such as Camira Oceanic fabric that incorporates plastic waste collected from the ocean. We are fully committed to sourcing the most sustainable options for our customers.

Bespoke chair upholstered with Oceanic fabric for Ecology Building Society

Seasick of plastic

Oceanic fabric is part of the SEAQUAL® collection. SEAQUAL® YARN is woven entirely from recycled plastic - from debris discarded in our seas, including bottles thrown away and destined for landfill

Oceanic and Quest are polyesters with a purpose.

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Ecology Building Society

What our customers say...

“Ecology has recently undertaken a significant refurbishment of our premises in Silsden and part of the process was making sure we had suppliers who shared our values and visions, who could ensure that at every step of the way we would be listened to and be offered the appropriate advice and guidance without pressure

Gill and Vicky worked with us from the outset, their dedication and professionalism in ensuring we were communicated with at every stage made our furniture and flooring choices so easy to make..

The products offered, layout designs produced and liaison to the final installation phase was first class.

The outcome is a new fresh and well laid out workspace that our colleagues really enjoy”.

Trevor Raddings,
Facilities and Health & Safety Manager
Ecology Building Society

Transforming spaces
through upcycling
and recycling

Embrace the future of upcycling – giving your space a new lease of life doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

At ACS Interiors we passionately believe in upcycling old furniture through sustainable and creative design. Not only does repurposing your current furniture offer significant cost savings, but it also reduces its carbon footprint by up to 90%, compared to manufacturing new pieces.

Don’t let your existing furniture go to waste!

As part of our commitment to maximising the use of materials - we'll take your old furniture off your hands and give it a new life through upcycling or recycling. Following this process, you'll receive a CO2 certificate to showcase your sustainable efforts. Plus, if your furniture is of high quality, you can enjoy the added benefit of a rebate.

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond furniture. We incorporate leftover materials from fit outs into other areas of our interior projects. Whether it’s repurposing steel for living walls or reclaiming timber for coat stands, every aspect of your project can become environmentally-conscious. Together, we can transform your space, preserve valuable resources, and leave a positive impact on our planet.

Your project has offset the equivalent of:

Living & preserved
plant walls

Bring nature indoors with a living wall.

Living walls are an eco-friendly and beautiful addition to any space. They improve air-quality, regulate humidity levels, create a serene ambience, and enhance wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety levels. With a wide range of plant and moss options and installation methods available, living walls can be tailored to meet the needs of any space.

We believe in creating beautiful spaces that contribute to a more sustainable future and are proud to promote sustainable design practices that reduce waste, protect the environment, and add value to our clients’ spaces. To learn more about our group sustainability initiatives, check out our Sustainability Report