In the changing world of workplaces, the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) saw the need to improve their workspace for better functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics.

Our solution

ACS Interiors executed a seamless removal process, eliminating nearly 300 obsolete furniture items for HCPC. This initiative not only streamlined the workspace but also adhered to sustainability goals as a significant portion of the items were recycled, with the remainder being sold. The client received an 80% rebate from the sales, which was strategically utilised against the procurement of new furniture.

To reinforce HCPC's commitment to sustainability, we issued a carbon reduction certificate for the repurposed and recycled furniture. This recognition underscored the client's dedication to environmentally conscious practices in their office transformation journey.

The transformed workspace: a room-by-room approach

The new furniture installation process encompassed a thoughtful approach to address specific challenges in various rooms.

Innovation room

In the Innovation Room, our team tackled the need for flexibility and sound issues. We designed bespoke modular auditorium seating with a 2-tier system, including carpeted walkway sections for versatile meeting setups. The incorporation of jack castors allowed easy reconfiguration, enhancing the room's adaptability. Utilising antimicrobial commercial fabrics in HCPC colours, a clean and sophisticated aesthetic was ensured. Acoustic enhancement was achieved through the installation of wall panels and cascading screens, effectively mitigating sound reverberation, and complementing the new tech infrastructure implemented by ACS IT.

Collaboration room

Moving to the Collaboration Room, electric sit-stand desks were installed for ergonomic functionality, alongside a premium poseur height table with integrated power outlets, and custom MTO stools featuring fabrics chosen by the client.

Room N

In Room N, a comprehensive acoustic improvement initiative began with a thorough site survey conducted by our acoustic specialists. Tailored solutions, including ceiling treatments, cascading screens, and wall panels, were supplied and installed to optimise the room's acoustic environment, especially beneficial for conference calls.

Our innovative office solutions significantly elevated HCPC's workspace. The versatile and acoustically enhanced rooms not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, showcasing ACS Interiors' commitment to creating functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing office environments.

The client

“The team were very good. They worked hard and explained everything, sorted everything, and responded to all our queries as well as leaving us with some helpful info and understanding.
Of course, it’s always possible that we’ll have a moment where we need to check back in with a query or something, but all in all they were very good and represented ACS very well.

>While the unit itself looks very fitting and transforms the space nicely.”

Aled Rees,
Facilities Manager