Mix Telematics recently expanded their office space by acquiring the upstairs of their building. The objective was clear - to cultivate an open, well-lit, and subtly funky workspace that resonates with the dynamic nature of their staff.

We collaborated with Mix Telematics to conceptualise a vibrant workspace. The focus was on creating an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and employee well-being.

Our solution

The implementation of bench desking within the workspace has significantly transformed the office dynamics, fostering an open and collaborative atmosphere. This shared workspace concept has not only encouraged interaction but has also contributed to a more cohesive and collaborative work environment.

Complementing this, colourful acoustic screens were strategically placed between desks, infusing vibrancy into the workspace while simultaneously addressing acoustic challenges during phone calls. This thoughtful integration ensures a conducive and focused work atmosphere, and the addition of small lockers at the end of each desk serves as a practical storage solution.

The central meeting room table equipped with power outlets has become the centerpiece of collaboration. Enhancing connectivity and streamlining team meetings, this feature fosters a more efficient and interactive working environment, aligning with our commitment to creating a modern and dynamic workplace.

The outcome

Mix Telematics now enjoys an upstairs office space that reflects their vision - an open, light, and subtly funky environment that resonates with the energy of their team. The thoughtful integration of functional elements has enhanced both the aesthetics and efficiency of the workspace.

The client

“Rebecca’s provision of excellence in customer service is unquestionable! The services you have provided, including procurement, consultation, and timely, concise responses are very much appreciated!

Part of any decision a business makes is in part based on the service level they receive. In this instance you are certainly helping the cause for your business. Keep up the good work.”

Chris Allen,
Best Practice and Compliance Manager
Mix Telematics