In response to the need for a rejuvenated office environment, our ongoing collaboration with Swallow Dental involves a phased refresh of their workspace. While there is still work to be completed, several significant improvements have already been made.

The solution

Toilets and shower room upgrade:

The ladies' and gents' toilets, along with the shower room, underwent a comprehensive transformation. The existing suites were removed, making way for the installation of new sanitary ware, fitted furniture, and tiles. The project also included new flooring and decorating, enhancing the overall aesthetics. Additionally, all necessary electrical work was seamlessly executed.

Kitchen relocation and refurbishment:

The relocation of the kitchen from its original position marked a key aspect of the renovation. We supplied and installed a brand-new kitchen, ensuring functionality and a modern aesthetic. This comprehensive refurbishment encompassed flooring, decorating, and all essential electrical work, including switches, sockets, and lighting. A new table and chairs were introduced, providing a comfortable space which could be doubled as a meeting area.

Suspended ceiling and electrical updates:

The workspace's ambiance was further enhanced through the replacement of old ceiling tiles with new ones. The transition from halogen panel lighting to energy-efficient LED panels not only modernised the lighting system but also improved its efficiency. Some panels were strategically relocated for optimal positioning, contributing to an overall well-lit and inviting environment.

New fire door for server room:

The installation of a new fire door with a lockable frame for the server room was a critical safety enhancement. We provided and fitted this essential feature, ensuring compliance with safety standards and reinforcing the security of the server room.

Entrance and hallway transformation:

The entrance and hallway areas witnessed a notable upgrade with the supply and installation of new furniture and storage solutions. Flooring and decorating were undertaken to align these spaces with the refreshed aesthetic of the entire office.

The Client

“We are thrilled to commend ACS Interiors, and in particular, our skilled Interior Designer, Becky, for the outstanding transformation of our office spaces. Becky's innovative touch revitalised our break room, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics that has become a favourite retreat for our team.

>ACS also excelled in upgrading our bathrooms, shower room, and reception area, showcasing a sophisticated design that aligns seamlessly with our company's identity.

>Becky's professionalism and creative vision made the entire process enjoyable, and we highly recommend ACS Interior Design for their commitment to excellence in transforming workspaces into extraordinary environments.”

Ben Harrison​​​​,
Operations Manager
Swallow Dental